Our Crew


The management of PTL. Here, all important decisions, as well as the procedures in the Adminteam, are permanently discussed. These people are also the contact person for donations, partnerships or complaints about admins.
Identification symbol: ♕

Kevin 'RAYs3T' Urbainczyk

Manager, Developer and Founder of the Community

René 'aLaRiK'

Primary Team / User Manager and Tech Supporter


Our technicians. These people take care of the servers, possible features and new plugins, in order to keep the servers and the homepage always up-to-date.
Identification symbol: T

Kevin 'RAYs3T' Urbainczyk

Core-Developer / Server Administrator since the community exists

Philip 'Lightningblade'

Second Core-Developer / Server Administration

Gameserver Headadmins

The head game server admins are the "team leaders" of our admins. They are each assigned to a server and assume full responsibility on this server. If there are any confusion between admins or questions about rules, these are the first persons to contact.
Identification symbol: O

Eagle 'Eagle'

Headgameserver-Admin Gameserver: CS:S Zombie

Nicki 'Nicki'

Headgameserver-Admin Gameserver: CS:GO GunGame

Manuel 'JanKINGs' D

Headgameserver-Admin Gameserver: CS:S Jail

Gameserver Admins

Probably the most important and true admins. They drive around the servers and ensure compliance with all rules, enforce bans, and help the players in matters on the server.
Identification symbol: G

Eagle 'Eagle'

Florian 'Abydos' W

Jan 'Pynox' W

Leonardo 'Bigmac'

Mike 'Shadysmith' Smith

Nicki 'Nicki'

Nicky 'MissAnyWay'

Philip 'Lightningblade'

Skay 'Skaywalker' Walker Trial

Gameserver: CS:S Oldschool 1.6 HnS

Turtle 'turtle' Turtleson Trial

Gameserver: CS:S Oldschool 1.6 HnS


Communication is important, these people provide you with content on the Socialmedia Accounts of PTL and take care of the forum, as well as comments in the news.
Identification symbol: K

Scholli 'scholli' McScholl

Facebook and Twitter Administration

Nicky 'MissAnyWay'


Tobias 'TheRohawin' Rakette

Facebook and Twitter Administration

Content Creator

Our content creators work with PTL and create useful sounds, images, graphics, or videos for our site
Identification symbol: X


Graphic-Designer / SFX-Creator

Our admins do their work in a voluntary capacity every day. So please be respectful in dealing with them. Everyone makes mistakes, but one should not be condemned at once.